I am a painter living in Pittsburgh, PA.  My work is a reflection of the many influences that have captured and held my imagination from a young age. These include old ghost stories, symbolism and superstitions of the Victorian era, tarot cards, outsider art, early traditional tattoo flash, and too many painters to name.

My aim is to present the viewer with an intimate, albeit uneasy scene pertaining to a deeply personal narrative.  Birds, insects, and reptiles are stand-ins for people, and they often hover with few other contextual elements in a seemingly momentary vacuum of color.

My hope is to make a connection with people, however fleeting, through the language of my art. That warm flicker of familiarity in seeing one’s own feelings, perhaps even a deeply buried truth, out of the dark and on display through another’s art has saved and opened my mind countless times. My greatest wish is to participate as a giver of that experience as well.